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Tri City Emergency Medical Group has been providing emergency medical care in north San Diego county for four decades.  The medical group was founded in 1973 by two Navy physicians who were stationed with the Marines at Camp Pendleton during the latter years of the Viet Nam war.   Over the years, Tri-City Emergency Medical Group has continually expanded to meet the needs of the growing population in the area that it serves. Since 1976, when Emergency Medicine first became a specialty that was recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties, Tri-City Emergency Medical Group began to set a national trend by exclusively hiring physicians who are residency trained and Board Certified in Emergency Medicine. Presently, all physicians who are members of Tri- City Emergency Medical Group are certified by The American Board of Emergency Medicine.

Over the past four decades, Tri-City Emergency Medical Group has been a leader in the development and utilization of state of the art technology and systems for providing emergency care. Physicians in Tri-City Emergency Medical Group have worked to create the first paramedic system in the North County, designed the present emergency department to be functional and computerized, and were among the first Emergency Physicians in the nation to use bedside ultrasound to evaluate emergency patients.  Tri-City Emergency Medical Group established a relationship with UCSD Medical School and the Balboa Naval Medical Center to train medical students and Emergency Medicine Residents.  The medical group has also created computer systems to improve efficiency and enhance patient safety, as well as having developed a unique medical scribe program using pre-medical college students to assist the physicians with electronic record keeping and documentation.  Most recently, Tri-City Emergency Medical Group has assisted in the coordination of hospital wide rapid response teams to expeditiously evaluate and treat patients who present with heart attacks, strokes and overwhelming infections.

In 2009,  Tri-City Emergency Medical Group, in conjunction with Tri-City Medical Center, opened a six bed 'Fast Track' section in the Emergency Department.  This area allows the rapid and efficient treatment of patients with non-emergent conditions, and brings the total number of treatment bays to 47.  

Throughout its long history, Tri-City Emergency Medical Group has always aspired to provide the highest quality emergency care to the residents of North County.  This has been accomplished by a group of Emergency Physicians who have a deep respect for their patients, as well as for the institution of medicine.  Tri-City Emergency Medical Group strives for excellence with each individual patient, as well as through the improvement of emergency medical systems that benefit all of us.  With this background and experience, who knows what the next decade will bring.  

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